The Graceful Disgraceful Facial Workout

The Graceful Disgraceful Facial workout is a virtual face experience via zoom

“Thank you for a lovely introduction to facial yoga.  I loved it! “

‘I absolutely loved it! I had been thinking that a group Zoom workshop might feel a little remote, but this was very intimate and fun.’

“Just enjoyed one of the best facial exercise classes I have ever had. Informative and fun. ”

About the workshop?

This fabulous self-care workshop is specifically designed to be delivered virtually and works brilliantly via zoom. So well in-fact it has been snapped up by the Airbnb Online Experience. Soon this workshop will be re designed to not only be virtual but enjoyed as a face to face experience.

The facial techniques learnt are a life lesson that you will take home with you forever. Face relaxation, firming and toning. You will learn lymph drainage and many other techniques. Mindfulness relaxation, face massage and toning exercises.  An uplifting relaxed workshop delivered with fun and laughter in the safety of your own home.

Suited to all who have an interest in self-care, beauty and the ever changing face. A great break from work or a work jolly with colleagues. Get taken on a journey to explore your own face.

I am now offering this as primarily a virtual one to one workshop.

This workshop can also be booked virtually as a private group of 3-5 so if you would like to do this as a virtual meet up, brilliant with those who have friends scattered across the country or indeed across the world.

Why do the workshop?

The facial techniques learnt will help to slow the ageing process, but also firming and toning and coming to terms with our ever changing face. You will learn lymph drainage and many other techniques. A very relaxed workshop delivered with fun and laughter in the safety of your own home.

How long will it take?

Graceful Disgraceful workshop is approx 60 minutes and brilliant as a private one to one or kept very small so I can easily see all my participants. It is a great fun pamper session which is fab learning the techniques alone or catching up with a couple of friends albeit virtually.

Who delivers the workshop?

Delivered by Karen Lockyer a beauty professional, massage therapist and international make- up artist. Karen’s credits include celebrities, magazine covers, London fashion week and has taught make up at London school of Make- up and London college of fashion.

Her other skills include massage therapy, nutrition and weight loss coach, holds certificates in RSPH level 2 understanding health improvement, 3rd wave CBT and a has knowledge in DSE assessment.

Booking Now

To Book :

Please email to secure a place and joining details will be sent.


Please contact me to find a convenient date for your one to one or group booking

Group Booking on request (min 3 max 5) Please email to fix a date

( Workshops run for approx. 60 mins but please allow more time for chat and interaction. I always have time for a natter after.)

All you need is :

The ability to access Zoom

Face oil or cream that suits your face

Pillow to lean on (optional)

Something to drink – keep hydrated

A mirror to practice in ( if don’t want to use screen)

The Session:

Grab yourself a drink then just follow me.

I will guide you through demonstration, try, do. Easy peeasy!

  • Introduction
  • Relaxation
  • Hand Exercise
  • Face massage
  • Face workout
  • Relaxation
  • Chat and questions

One to Onesvirtual only £45.00

One to one sessions with the added bonus of a recording of the session. The recording will be sent so you can follow the workshop at your leisure. The perfect reminder of all the techniques you have learnt in the workshop.

Groups £20 per person

Min 3 Max 5 Great fun way to get together with distant friends and family contact me to find a convenient date.

I have taken bookings from as far as New Zealand and America so happy to find a time to suit the different time zones.

please enquire for dates.

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What they said:

This is an absolutely brilliant workshop for those of us who are at that stage of watching our faces change, and who don’t want to give in to gravity! Karen is so expert and experienced in this field, she instils confidence and calm while showing how to exercise your facial muscles in a very relaxed atmosphere. Having said that, I had a lot of fun, while learning masses. I am now recommending a Graceful Disgraceful workshop to my friends  – not just for beauty, but for well-being too. I left the workshop feeling wonderful. Catherine – Wiltshire

What fun! And a great opportunity to learn how to preserve/rescue an aging face with dear friends, expertly lead by a knowledgeable, friendly, practitioner (who clearly practises what she teaches!) Good value too. Thank you, Karen – Jane York

I thought the content was carefully thought out and liked the notes being sent out beforehand on what I needed . I can now look back on them for reference . The exercises were good for this age group as we all have our own problem areas that we would like to target . And anything that we can do naturally rather than using Botox etc has got to be a bonus. I will definitely be recommending this to others. I have already had a few people sounding intrigued about it !You made the exercises easy to follow and during the class , your face was lit well and explanations were clear . You also did the exercises unselfconsciously which transferred to us, making it easy to let go and not be inhibited . I will definitely be trying to do this regularly now. Juliana – London

My first facial yoga experience and with Karen gave me confidence that I was in good hands.  Karen with many years of experience in the beauty industry and lovely to work with.  She imparted her knowledge about the muscles and pressure points on the face, neck and collar bones, we then proceeded with the session.  I found her knowledge invaluable and came away from my first session feeling relaxed and confident that I could carry out a facial yoga treatment adequately by myself.  I thoroughly recommend Karen and look forward to my next session with her. Suzannah Hicks – Reading

” I’d really recommend Karen Lockyer of Graceful Disgraceful’s virtual facial workout.  Relaxed, informative and fun, it’s taught me tricks to help me keep age and stress at bay.” Rose – Wiltshire

“Just enjoyed one of the best facial  exercise classes I have ever had. Informative and fun. Slept well after it” Sarah -London

Karens approach is simple and natural and in the age of electronic beauty ‘tools’ really refreshing to learn some useful basic hacks that don’t entail spending lots of cash… and can help slow the aging process (oh yes please!) Helen Isle of Wight

“The service was prompt and extremely well executed throughout the time zones with New Zealand. Polite and friendly while professional”. Pippa Hawkins, Auckland, New Zealand

  1. I couldn’t believe you are about to be 60……! … a prime example of the benefits of learning early and carrying out the helpful work on our faces…. The bit everyone looks at first and can cause one the most concern as one ages…..!! More Workshops/classes of knowledge and encouragement please…… Annie Wilts

What can I say about this?  This was fantastic.   It made me realise that despite all the ideas of movement, fascia hydration, strength and core work – the face is one area we neglect in terms of “exercise”.   Karen described the face as our SuperPower.  It expresses so much without words, it describes our mood, our age, our nutrition, our emotions – it really is worth giving it a daily workout – stretching and strengthening – all will help to improve its elasticity,  reduce lines and help to maintain its tone!  They are also a small group size so you get individual attention and can ask questions throughout.  Karen shares an informative handbook prior to the course including exercises.  She delivers the workshop in a very clear way and shares lots more information on screen too.  It was fun and interactive, particularly funny to watch Karen doing the exercises whilst trying to talk and describe them too!  If you would like to try this for yourself she is now taking bookings for her next workshop: Vivienne Worrall

I needed this!!! My face has been so tense and Karen taught me so many things that I will continue to use. This experience is priceless! Julia Airbnb experience

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Booking Now

To Book :

Please email to secure a place and joining details will be sent.