Graceful Disgraceful Virtual Face Roller Workshop

Virtual Facial Roller Workshop

It has become apparent that lots of women out there own a crystal roller, but actually have little idea what to do with it or what it is for. So I thought it would be great to offer a short session to throw some light onto what the roller is for and how to use it. Delivered virtually via zoom only.

About the workshop

A look into using a jade or quartz face roller, its benefits to the skin and how to use it to get the best results. The workshop is designed for you to work with your own roller and to follow along with me, but you can join in without a roller too. Just look and learn and participate using your hands. Lots of massage and exercises to join in with too.

The Session – Min 3-Max 7 participants

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of using a roller – massage, lymph drainage
  • Lymph drainage – where are the nodes , what is this
  • Hand exercises to warm up
  • Warm up face massage and exercises
  • Using the roller
  • Q&A

How Long is the Session

The session is approx 30 mins


£10.00 per person 20% discount for private groups 5 -7 participants


Request bookings

Contact me to request a one to one or private group booking up to 7 participants

To Book

Please email to reserve a space and booking details will be sent

😊 Karen x