Live to eat – Eat to live

Before lockdown I was running NHS referred obesity weight loss groups, which I miss tremendously. Supporting a group of people all wanting the same outcome, encouraging them to support each other and reach their weekly goals is very rewarding.

Being in lockdown with time on your hands and a cupboard full of food is going to be a challenge. In times of isolation food becomes a bigger reward to feeling down or lonely. Eating after all is one of the few pleasures we have left. Unfortunately the consequences of over eating or eating an unhealthy diet will start to show on the scales, increasing other health issues related to weight gain and obesity.

Excess body fat induces immune dysregulation and chronic inflammation which is linked to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome seen in influenza, other respiratory viruses and some forms of cancers An increase in waist circumference can lead to type 2 Diabetes. So eating unhealthily and gaining weight is ill advised at the best of times, but particularly now, when we need our immune fighting our corner. The European Scientist has an interesting article on this.

The best way forward is to start with your food shop, plan your meals and make a shopping list and stick to it. Reduce unhealthy snacks and find alternatives. Rice cakes, fruit and carrot and humous are good snack alternatives. Eat (healthy) often, so you dont get hungry. Think about your portion sizes and eat a balanced plate. Drink plenty of water around 7-8 glasses a day and keep moving. Exercise will help to keep the kilos away.