Photographic Experience

I began taking pictures when I started my beauty blog for women over 50. Not a photographer, but it was the only realistic way to get the images I wanted without having the cost of a photographer or need to travel. I use my smartphone, which I have now upgraded to get sharper images and work around a small space make shift make up studio, photo studio and at all other times a spare bedroom. What started as a way to record my make up for a beauty blog became something much more aiming to address the lack of positive imagery featuring older women.

Presently Sittings are invitation only

The Idea

This initial idea has flourished, igniting a profound passion in curating these photographs and exercising complete creative control, a privilege I did not always have as a makeup artist collaborating with photographers. I love giving a full photographic experience so as a model you will have photographic make up, hair and I style the photo to bring something a bit different out of the individual always fun.

Lets challenge stereotypes, celebrate older women, and foster a positive narrative around aging and beauty. I am committed to capturing authentic moments and personalities, foregoing the use of filters or excessive editing techniques. The simplicity and versatility of shooting with my smartphone have become my preferred method, allowing me to focus on capturing the essence and individuality of each person, rather than merely creating technically impressive photographs.

The message

What truly drives me is the opportunity to express the message that women exude radiance and beauty regardless of age. I aim to inspire a shift in the collective consciousness. To question the narrow definitions of beauty and the limited representations of ageing often presented to us. By challenging stereotypes and celebrating the beauty of older women, I want to encourage a more inclusive and compassionate perspective on ageing.

I want to create a platform for older women to reclaim their stories, embrace their beauty, and inspire others to do the same. Together, through the combination of evocative imagery and compelling narratives, we can change peoples attitudes.

They Say

A really fun experience. Thank you Karen! I really did enjoy the afternoon, so many thanks for asking me.