Make up to sell

I am not really good at selling, you know one of those artistic types. However, I was strongly advised to sell a product along side my Graceful Disgraceful Make up Experience. So I went to work researching a product that fitted my profile. Amazingly I sourced the perfect fit in Look Fabulous Forever, A cosmetic and skincare range that is especially designed for the pro-age women. LFF has a fabulous business ethic , using natural ingredients and recycle packaging.

I only want to sell products that will sell themselves, so I just got the items I felt I would personally use and those that would enhance a natural make up for an older skin.

Graceful Disgraceful was literally launched in February of this extraordinary year. The few sessions I managed to run before lockdown were fantastic and those who attended loved and bought the LFF make up.

Sadly, Graceful workshops are on hold at the moment due to Covid19. I am sure you appreciate how difficult it is for everyone in and around the beauty industry and the uncertain future we all face.

I can still offer a few items for sale, which I would be happy to post if anyone would like to purchase. Please check my shop @gracefuldisgraceful facebook page.

I am looking at ways to bring you Graceful Disgraceful Make up Experience, so keep your eyes peeled.