Ok, Lets get back to healthy eating

Forget that I’m a weight adviser for a min, I have been as guilty as the next person during Lockdown. It has definitely given me an excuse to reward myself a little too often, I normally allow myself a Saturday night chocolate treat, which has become an every night chocolate treat. Like my daughter said- ‘well, it feels like a weekend every day’. You know an extra glass of wine, odd packet of crisps. Unfortunately this adds up on your daily calorie intake.

According to Dr Giles Yeo in his excellent book ‘Gene Eating’, that 15kg of weight gained over 30 years is about 75,000 calories. This would work out (I take his word for it) an extra 7 calories a day. When eaten over 30 years could result in a weight gain of 15kg. Of course many over factors would come in play why some people do gain and others don’t. Dr Yeo goes on to inform that the only thing he could find that was around 7 calories was a sachet of Tomato sauce. This is truly food for thought, so that extra chip, dipping sauce and definitely glass of wine does make a difference. Oh Lordy!

I have kept up my exercise during this period doing several zoom classes a week and a daily dog walk. So I have kept my inevitable weight gain to just a few pounds and am mindful of the 7 calories a day thing. So I am on a cut the snack back mission. Weight gain as you get older is harder to lose as your metabolism is slightly slower, but with motivation and a want weight loss is absolutely doable.

So here goes – anyone want to join me? I can help and am very empathetic (Click Nutrition in my menu) Roll on Saturday night.

Ref: Are your genes to blame when your jeans don’t fit Dr Giles Yeo, Gene Eating