Nutrition Coaching

I am often asked ‘What is coaching’?

Coaching is a form of development where the coach supports the client to achieve a specific or professional goal.

I have recently been running obesity clinics for Wiltshire council, which really highlighted the importance of coaching. weight loss can be such a complex issue and to be able to offer the added daily support of a phone call, quick whats app and regular email updates on top of weekly appointments can be an added crutch that someone needs to reach their goals.

As a qualified nutrition and weight management adviser I coach individual and corporate clients and am particularly interested in the understanding of the deeper issues behind food. I am very aware of the life impact of eating issues as well as first- hand knowledge of media influences through working as a make- up artist and how body dis- morphia can hinder self-worth and confidence.

With over 25 years in the beauty industry I have built up a unique portfolio of knowledge: anatomy and physiology with massage therapy, a fantastic working knowledge of skin and a natural ability to inform through teaching all of which are the bedrock of my holistic approach to health, fitness, image and well-being. I have recently been running Obesity clinics for Solutions 4 Health.

I coach clients in nutrition and I offer weight loss programmes particularly working through bad habits and issues that can lead to unhealthy lifestyle. I specialise working one to one with women over 50 encouraging positive self compassion by combining healthy diet, exercise and image through make up and skincare.