What is cellulite

Cellulite commonly known as the orange peel effect, or Adiposis Edematosa.It is where the subcutaneous fat herniates within the fibrous connective tissue and manifests as dimpling on the skin, most commonly on the buttocks thighs, belly and top of the arm. In the Beauty profession we call cellulite trapped fat as the fat is trapped in fluid. Some form of cellulite occurs in 90% of adolescent women. It can be almost undetected or very obvious. As age we can confuse cellulite with the loss of elastin and collagen, which gives a slackness to the skin and has a similar appearance.

What causes cellulite

Most women after puberty will have some form of cellulite, but the main contributing factors are bad and sporadic diet, lack of exercise, weight gain and hormone changes. Cellulite does not only grace the thighs of the over weight either, as witnessed on many slim celebrities. Cellulite seems to be linked to Estrogen as men are generally exempt (lucky them) unless taking certain hormones or excessively over weight.
A diet of processed foods containing high refined sugars and too many saturated fats which are difficult to break down and can cling to the connective tissue resulting in cellulite. Caffeine and alcohol also contribute to cellulite. A change in Hormones can change your body appearance and you can be a lithe non bumpy figure then hit menopause the fat can trap and hello cellulite.

How do we get rid? We are told that there is no cure for cellulite, but there are definitely ways we can reduce the effect.
Diet: Faddy weight loss diets and sporadic changes in our eating patterns can cause cellulite as well as poor choices in what we eat. So if we cut out too much processed foods with highly processed white sugar, additives and sweeteners, as well as too much saturated fats contained in fast food, red meats and high fat dairy. We can help the body to reduce the making of cellulite. Also it pains me to say, but reduce your caffeine and alcohol consumption (obviously within reason as we all need some pleasure in life) which will also help. Keep fluids up, you should drink around 10-12 glasses a day including tea and coffee (best not sweetened)this will help flush toxins and keep you hydrated. Like any diet and weight advice it is not about a quick fix get slim quick diet, but about altering your diet as a long term healthier eating alternative which in conjunction with exercise, massage and creams can considerably reduce the effects of cellulite.
Exercise: Cellulite is fat trapped in fluid so we need to increase the blood and lymph circulation to help the body disperse the fluid through the lymphatic system. All bodies regardless of age, size, gender will generally function better with some form of daily exercise. If we have a build up of cellulite we can benefit greatly from some aerobic type exercise. Swimming, walking, jogging, running, Aerobic class, Dance class, cycling, rowing, jogging machine at the gym or just keep taking the stairs, stand instead of sit. There are so many ways of increasing your exercise without incurring expense or altering your life. Exercise should be taken as a gradual build up and get a Dr. advice if you have a medical condition but generally exercise will help, not only with cellulite and weight management, but can make you feel so much better in yourself (even if the thought is daunting). 
Massage, Treatments and creams: Massage can definitely help to break down cellulite and it would be great to afford a regular massage, however, it is something we can do at home. There are many creams that say they are cellulite busters, but the actual process of rubbing and massaging will probably be the thing that makes the difference not necessarily the cream. (there are some creams that are better than others I will get on to in a min) I suggest a vigorous rub with your towel when out the bath or shower then firmly massage your body lotion in a circular and upward motion so the skin feels warm and slightly red. Another massage treatments at salons G5 is a mechanical massager known for its deep tissue massage. It can break down the fat and reduce cellulite. It is not for the faint hearted and can be quite painful and not advisable if you are prone to broken veins or varicose veins. Passive exercise machines can also help to stimulate the muscles and increase the circulation, but expensive and will get a better result from actually partaking in active exercise. If you are after a cream to help reduce cellulite go for creams that have Centella Asiatica which claim to give the elasticity back to skin or Ginko Biloba which is an antioxidant that helps increase the blood circulation or lastly Menthyl Nicotinate that promotes decongestion of tissues and helps drain liquids and toxins.
I hope this article helps, but remember you are not alone and cellulite is not only associated with being over weight. Slim celebrities and models also have it and healthy eating and regular exercise can not only make us feel better but reduce those lumps and bumps.  There is no such thing as the perfect body as we all have our own vision of what that is and maybe as 90% of women have cellulite why are we so hung up on it perhaps it is just normal.