Should I change my Make up Brand now I am older?

Make up shopping is a minefield at the best of times- So many brands, what do I choose, should I be changing my brand now I am older? Questions I am often asked.

When I launched Graceful Disgraceful make up experience I did a lot of searching and researching for the best brands for older skin. I have chatted to women and got feedback from my social platforms. There are some amazing products out there for us to appear more youthful. Serums, Hyaluronic Acid, CC creams, BB creams, Face Primers, illuminators, highlighters, light reflectors the list goes on.

My general advice is to keep with the brands you know and love, but perhaps look at how you apply your make up for your face at the age you are now. Maybe invest in a couple of new products that can add the youthful glow.

For Graceful Disgraceful Make up Experience I sourced Look Fabulous Forever a brand created by Tricia Cusden especially formulated for mature skins. This ticked all the boxes I was looking for. I do not use it exclusively, but work with selected items and hold a limited stock that I pass on to my clients.

I have been hearing a lot about Studio 10 Make up range which is marketed to the older women. Founded by Grace Fodor. I have had some good feedback on the liquid cheek and reports that it does not rub onto your face covering.

Trinny London promotes to the older women and is packaged in easy to carry stackable containers. I have good reports on this brand, but have yet to experience it first hand.

Estee Lauder an oldie, but a goodie has a marvelous skin primer that smooths beautifully.

Charlotte Tilbury a new favourite of mine. Her Flawless finish foundation is perfect if you need a little more coverage and has many shades to choose from. Hollywood Glow gives the perfect sheen to the skin.

My fave liquid blusher is Daniel Sandler water colours which has many shades and glides on beautifully giving a natural healthy glow to the skin.

If you would like any application help or advice please email me I offer virtual face to face make up via zoom.